MS Contin Addiction Signs

MS Contin Addiction Signs

In many cases, patients become gradually addicted to MS Contin without their knowledge. This is because the pills are mainly administered legally in the hospital for controlling pain. Nonetheless, the morphine in the drug makes it just as addictive as other opiates.

Users taking the drug with a prescription need to be aware of common signs that can help them recognize when they have become addicted to the substance. Read on for some of the common signs that patients, families and colleagues can observe to indicate that a person has become an addict.

The first sign is often the development of cravings for the drug, shortly before a scheduled dose. MS Contin is taken in periods of 12 hours but as the patent continues taking the drug, the frequency at which they are required to take the substance may be increased. They may no longer feel capable of waiting for the 12 hour duration when the next dose is supposed to be taken.

Development of tolerance to the drug is another common sign of addiction. This implies that the patient will keep increasing the amount of drugs that are required to help combat pain. Patients assume that they are taking more of the drug since the level of pain is increasing, but the fact is that the body is becoming accustomed to the drug and requires a larger quantity of the substance to maintain the same level of relief.

MS Contin Addiction Signs

The patient will stop following the dosages of MS Contin recommended by the doctor. Tolerance prompts the patient to start hunting for more of the medication to maintain the same degree of euphoria. If you note that someone is taking more drugs than the amount recommended by the prescription, that person is likely to be an addict.

Doctor-shopping and purchasing black market pills are other behaviors you will observe in an addicted person, as they make an effort to supplement their regular supply of the substance. Remember, MS Contin is a schedule II drug and hence can only be purchased with prescription from a licensed doctor.

Addicts may exhibit severe mood swings, appearing happy at one moment and severely depressed minutes later. Some withdraw from close associates such as relatives, friends and friends, seeming to prefer to take drugs and stay on their own.

The substance affects the nervous system, thereby depressing the whole body in general. The respiratory system is affected such that the addict will have problems breathing. Increased breathing difficulty in a person coupled by moments of euphoria and then irritability are all warning signs that the patient has developed an addiction.

If patients stop using the drug abruptly, MS Contin withdrawal symptoms will develop. These can include light-headedness, seizures, convulsions, confusion and heightened confusion. Other conditions include swelling of tongue, lips, face and the throat.

Addiction can also be indicated by development of memory issues. The patient loses concentration and may also develop abnormal sleeping patterns. Insomnia may result. Drowsiness and sleeping during the day are other major effects that are likely to occur.

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