MS Contin Addiction Symptoms

MS Contin Addiction Symptoms

Ascertaining that a person has become addicted to MS Contin is often a challenging task, particularly because the drug is offered as a prescription. Nonetheless, there are some distinct signs that indicate that a person is addicted to the drug. The following are some of the main indications of addiction.

Taking larger quantities of the drug than recommended by a prescription is the first warning sign. In normal circumstances, patients are instructed to take the medication every 12 hours. If the patient is taking another dose after 10 hours, they may have become addicted and developed tolerance to the drug.

These patients also develop withdrawal symptoms whenever they attempt to stop taking the drug or miss their regular dose. Several kinds of withdrawal symptoms can result when a patient stops taking the drug, including restlessness, tremors, vomiting, runny nose, yawning, body aches, loss of appetite, diarrhea, watery eyes, dysphoria and severe abdominal pain, just to mention a few. The conditions are unique to different people, and not all users experience each of these conditions.

Patients’ sleeping habits may also be affected, with insomnia being a common problem. Their eyes may appear watery, bloodshot and sleepy during the day. Their capacity for vigilance and concentration is reduced. This is especially evident among students, particularly if their performance continues to decline. Addicted users can sleep in the middle of conversation or even when standing.

MS Contin Addiction Symptoms

The rate of performance in addicts is affected. They may be hyperactive after taking the drug, but as the dose wears out, patients become depressed. Similarly, addicted users may be euphoric soon after taking the drug, but as the dose subsides, they may become irritable.

Watch for changes in the health of the addict. Some addicts lose excessive amounts of weight as they become obsessed with taking the substance, neglecting food. The drug suppresses hunger, and this may mean that patients fail to eat, preferring to spend their money to buy the drug. The end result will be deterioration in health.

The general behavior of an addicted user is affected by drug abuse. Addicts may appear dirty and neglected as they fail to take care of their appearance. Some may exhibit slurred speech, while others seem to talk very rapidly. The effects of the drug differ among addicts.

Just like other kinds of opiates, MS Contin depresses the nervous system and the body in general, bringing about relaxation and euphoria. These sensations may cause addicted users to develop a staggering walking style. However, addicts who have developed tolerance may not display the staggering effect.

Swelling of lips, face, throat and tongue for no apparent reason should also act as warning signs that a patient has become addicted to the medication. In some cases, the skin develops hives. People who are not using MS Contin may notice an unfamiliar smell emanating from users’ breath and clothing. These are all symptoms of MS Contin addiction that should be followed up to determine whether a user has become addicted to the medication.

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