MS Contin Addiction Withdrawal

MS Contin Addiction Withdrawal

MS Contin withdrawal can be a force to reckon with, especially if the addict has been taking the drug for a long time. Withdrawal symptoms arise as soon as the body senses a decreasing quantity of the drug supply. Discontinuing the drug suddenly is often challenging and may prompt development of severe side effects. Many addicts are not willing to bear the discomfort that result from withdrawing from MS Contin; hence they prefer to continue abusing the drug. Read on for some of the effects that can result when a user withdraws from taking the drug.

Withdrawal symptoms start appearing between 12 and 24 hours after the drug is stopped. The intensity and types of effects experienced are unique in every individual. Common symptoms include development of goose bumps, restlessness and dilated pupils. The eyes appear bigger than usual while the skin experiences tingling sensations.

Insomnia is also common among many patients, and sleeping at night may become an issue. Eyes may be watery, while the nose tends to produce a lot of mucus. The user may also yawn for no particular reason. These symptoms are the initial effects that arise as the drug concentration in the body dwindles. After 72 hours, stronger withdrawal symptoms start developing.

MS Contin Addiction Withdrawal

Among the main abstinence syndromes experienced are abdominal pains, muscle cramps and leg pains. All these conditions are extremely uncomfortable and hamper the patient’s routine activities. Strange skin sensations may also arise as a result of withdrawing from the substance. Some people going through withdrawal complain of general body aches and muscle pain.

Anxiety, cold or flu-like symptoms are other conditions that individuals may develop. Fever and diarrhea may arise, and some addicts have complained of headaches and of hot and cold flashes. The body temperature generally increases as the level of substance concentrated in the body falls.

The blood pressure and breathing rate generally increase. In addition, patients may experience insomnia and kicking movements along with loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and severe mood swings are other prevalent conditions.

The heart rate may increase significantly. Severe backache, shivering, tremors, rigid muscles and sneezing are other common conditions, along with general body weakness, twitching and muscle spasms. Strong cravings for the drug as well as hallucinating are common effects that are experienced by many addicts getting off the drug.

These effects are generally experienced for only 1-2 weeks, depending on the level of addiction of the individual. Generally, many patients are free of many of the side effects although some effects, such as leg spasms and tremors, can take up to 6 months to overcome.

After the first-phase symptoms have been successfully overcome, the patient does not automatically go back to the condition they were in before taking MS Contin. In fact, there is some likelihood they will experience a second phase of withdrawal that can last between 2 and 6 months. This may include conditions such as irritability, aching muscles and insomnia.

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