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MS Contin Addiction

MS Contin is a derivative of morphine which is an active part of opium. The drug is made in time-released tablets intended for patients suffering from chronic pain due to conditions such as cancer. The recommended dosing period is every 12 hours. This medication has higher potency and potential for addiction and dependency than morphine, which is administered every 4-6 hours.

Morphine is the main active agent in opium and has a powerful influence on central nervous system function. The psychological and physical dependencies that come from morphine develop faster than with any other substance. Patients develop dependency within a short time. This is why this medication is classified among schedule II drugs.

How MS Contin is Administered

MS Contin is available as time-release tablets to be administered orally. Chewing, powdering and intramuscular administration are all highly risky and discouraged. All these methods have the effect of increasing the rate at which the substances are absorbed in the body. This can result in overdose, which can cause side effects such as renal and liver failure.

MS Contin Addiction

Effects of MS Contin

MS Contin is just a derivative of morphine and hence, it affects a patient the same way morphine does. The substance binds the receptors in the brain just like other opiates, thereby relaxing patients and producing euphoric effects. Generally, it distracts the body from any feelings of pain that may be experienced, whether real or imaginary. The drugs are designed to be released slowly over a period of 12 hours. The process occurs gradually, due to the time-release mechanism of wax inside the pill.

Although the invention of the drug is wonderful, it can pose problems due to side effects attributed to morphine as well as to its structure. Abusers convert the drug into a form that can be taken intravenously by first heating the pills. The wax in the pill expands and shells the morphine.

Abusers then inject the melted substance into their veins. Wax in the drug is a big threat to the health of an individual when administered via intramuscular injection, a method employed by many abusers. Complications can result, especially when users inject the wax a number of times over a long period.

MS Contin Side Effects

A number of side effects can result from continued consumption of this substance. Common side effects that can result include hives, breathing difficulty, swelling of the face, lips, throat and tongue. Other common side effects include cold and clammy skin, slow heartbeat, shallow breathing, fainting, feeling light-headed, dizziness, severe weakness, confusion and convulsions.

MS Contin addicts face a number of other potential effects, but these are less severe. They include constipation, sleep problems, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, tingling, redness under the skin, heat, heartache, dizziness, anxiety and memory problems.

Patients are advised to seek immediate medical help if they experience these side effects.

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