What Is MS Contin?

What Is MS Contin?

MS Contin is the brand name of time-released morphine sulfate derivative. The drug is taken every 12 hours and is offered as a prescription drug to control severe pain. MS Contin is simply a trademark of Purdue Pharma, a drug manufacturing company.

MS Contin can be obtained in liquid form, although it is mainly taken in tablets. Doses available are 15mg, 20 mg, 30mg, 60mg, 100 mg and 200mg. The drug has high potency and an affinity for brain receptors, and is effective in bringing about a reduction in pain level. It is mainly administered to cancer patients and patients suffering from severe and non-cognitive-destructive trauma.

In the United States, MS Contin is a DEA Schedule II substance. This category is composed of drugs with medical value but high addiction and abuse risk. The addictive nature of the drug is caused by morphine, which is extracted from opium. All opiates are highly addictive and potent, and MS Contin is no exception having been manufactured using opium derivatives.

The drug is solely administered to opium-tolerant patients. Patients who are negatively affected by opium are not administered the drug. In addition, people with a history of addiction to other substances, including alcohol, are considered vulnerable to getting addicted to the drug. These patients are advised to refrain from the substance.

What Is MS Contin?

The morphine sulfate in MS Contin is the opioid agonist that causes the drug to have addiction liability, similar to other varieties of opioid analgesics. Abuse of MS Contin occurs in a way similar to that in which other kinds of opioids (legal or illicit) are abused. Pharmacists and physicians have a responsibility to determine whether there is a possibility of their patients abusing the substance.

There is a limit on the quantity of drug that should be provided to the patient. If a pharmacist notes increased demand by the patient for more drugs, this can serve as a warning sign that the patient is addicted to MS Contin and that they are seeking to build a large supply of tablets to maintain their habit.

MS Contin is purposely designed for use by people suffering from moderate to severe pain. Due to its extended period of efficacy, it is effective when used in patients who require around-the-clock analgesic treatment. Nevertheless, the drug is not intended to be used as primary analgesic.

The drug is also administered to opioid-tolerant patients only, since they can cause dangerous respiratory depression when use on patients that have not been exposed to opioids in the past.

Another important instruction that is essential to people taking the tablets is that MS Contin should be taken whole. The tablets should not be chewed, crushed, broken or dissolved as this increases the absorption rate. Remember this is a time-released drug that should be absorbed by the body slowly. Taking the drug in other forms can cause rapid release that comes with several side effects.

Potential patients are advised to inform their doctors of their medical history before they start taking MS Contin.

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